There are several specific requirements for forestry companies, who manage timber to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards to map and estimate basic forest parameters such as effective area, health status, homogeneity, tree height, timber volume, etc. on a regular basis. It is also of great importance from an operational standpoint, especially in these times where forestry companies rely on external shareholders and debt finance provided by banks. Both stakeholders have a strong interest in more timely and accurate forest measurements as confirmation of shareholder value and the ability to service debt.

Given the often fast and significant spatio-temporal land cover dynamics, the synergistic use of multi-sensor time-series is essential to obtain a high level of detail and to capture and date changes. The standard product, illustrated in the figure and representing the forest status after the boreal night 2015/16, is obtained by fusing Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Landsat-8, and ALOS PALSAR-1 time series. It includes natural forest (dark green), forest re-generation (light green), water (blue), bare soil (brown), clearfell 2007-08, clearfell 2008-09, clearfell 2009-10 (violet), forest boundaries (yellow), intact landscape boundaries (red).

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