Environmental Pollution Monitoring (EPM) is a service that makes use of satellite and/or drone based observations of mining sites. EPM combines cutting-edge expertise in the field of remote sensing, the presentation and communication of complex mining issues and environmental consulting. With the products provided by this service, regulators, mining industry at large as well as international organizations and civil society will improve their ability to monitor and communicate land movements and impacts of land cover changes on mining sites on an ongoing basis, with high level of detail and at lower costs than with any other existing technology.

Detailed Digital Elevation Models (left) and regular information on land displacements (right - blue corresponds to movements larger than 3 cm/year, green no movements) are two basic products provided to the mining industry.

Artisanal mines are characterized by their small size; whenever grouped, they are identifiable by means of remote sensing time-series (left) and their evolution monitored (right).

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